Weeks of continuous communication across the nation and across the industry has allowed me to put a few tick-marks under some points on my TALLY sheet! 

These conversations are all the same: 

  • HOW are you (the owner) Re-Inventing in all areas (personal/business)?  
  • WHO are you collaborating with (friend & foe)? 
  • WHICH areas would you recommend an immediate change in? 
  • WHAT communities are you a RESOURCE for and which communities are a resource for YOU? 
  • WHERE would you concentrate MORE effort into and why? 

The conversations have lasted from 10 minutes up to 4 hours! The answers have been insightful, inventive, original and most of all … full of HOPE! 

The point on my tally sheet that got the most tick-marks? 


Using Texts, Calls, Emails, and/or Video Chats. All have been fruitful. Integrating your referral program into your Social Media is PARAMOUNT to prospering. 

That being said, 

HOW is your referral program? Old School Simple to the rescue! It is very simple, very effective, and no complications necessary! It also provides a very powerful income stream to your previous customer (scared & financially insecure)! 

A Simple Referral Program example: 

You (previous customer) notify me (the owner) that someone (referred friend/family) is coming to do business with me. I (the owner) roll out the covid-19 sanitized Red Carpet for the client (referred friend/family). When the referred potential customer (referred friend/family) does business with me then You (the previous customer) that referred the new customer will receive a pre-determined MONITARY amount!  


I sell used cars, you bought one from me 2 years ago. You got my Rewards Program email and are in need of extra bucks during this crisis. So, you tell every Tom, Dick & Henrietta to see me if they need a car! 

Bingo! Now I (the dealer/business owner) have an ARMY of salespeople giving the BEST kind of recommendation on the planet – Free positive advertising via word of mouth! 

****Note: Be sure the reward paid out is fair and intriguing enough.  

In the previous example that dealer would have started his referral fee at about $250 and climbed up to a preset limit. Think about it; Previous customer sends a buddy that buys a $25,000 truck – caution if paying out a $100, that customer will never send YOU (Mr. Dealer or Mr. Business owner) another referral.  

On the other hand, if you own a carpet cleaning business and you do the whole JOB for $250, then that referral may look like a nice Thank You card and a $20 gift card (about 10% of the job). 

It is all relative, however, the KEY is the referral program. There you have a little nugget, that if worked properly, may well be you/your companies’ lifeline for a while. At the very least, it will be fun adventure! 

Remember. If you don’t CREATE your future, then your future WILL create you! 



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Most of you, if not all of you know this fact! or do you?

First, let us relive a bit of the past – Math Class. We learned how to graph on “Y” and “X” axis, given a set of “points” we could use these axes to pinpoint the location – on a FLAT piece of paper!

Those of us with a propensity for math also understood the “Z” axis – 3D.
With all the “points” we could pinpoint the EXACT location in space – not just a flat piece of paper.

Well, my friends welcome to the wild frontier of the Internet. Unfortunately, most of you still are based and run your business on a FLAT model that is over 100 years old! The car business is the most dynamically changing industry on the planet, and yet many do business like it’s 1985! You still cling to the past ways of doing business because they work. Do they really?
Most of you I talk to are moaning about the poor selection and high price of inventory, not to mention the lack of “buying” customers. I have said this to almost ALL of you at one point or another – INSANITY (and poor business management) is defined very simply:


We no longer live in a FLAT world! Our success is determined by stars (literally) and swipes. Our stars determine our position on that crucial “Z” axis – are we ABOVE or BELOW standard? Swipes determine if we’re going to pay our bills that month or not. What REASONS do your “potential” have from buying from you – if you say PRICE, then you have already lost!
Let’s look at it from this perspective – would you rather be a port or a ship? A ship can bring prosperity to new and gloriously new markets. A port, on the other hand, IS prosperity attracting numerous “ships” laden with treasures for her inhabitants and their future. Most of you out there are “ships” looking for ports to “unload” your merchandise.

Those of you out there that are “ports” have labored hard with your inhabitants to make it “the destination” of prosperity.
In simple terms, PORTS build relationships with their ships and merchants!
Far too often in this business it’s “sell it and move on” to the next customer (that would be the price model) with never enough time to build any sort of “relationship”. Hell; only a handful of you even understand the POWER of a simple yet sincere, handwritten Thank You note mailed out!
“Port Dealers” find ways to constantly keep in touch with not only potential customer, however, they also go “above-and-beyond” to keep past customers in their community “loop”.

Newsletters, videos, emails and most importantly a “stunning” web presence. They have become a vital part of their “ELECTRONIC COMMUNITY” They build VALUE into themselves, their product and their web presence.

OK, so that is the long-and-short of my message here people. I think I’ve broken my own record for metaphors and analogies in one paper. Over 50+ years of communicating with folks I have learned a way-or-two to “pitch” an Idea and I am sincere; that’s one of the reasons people see value in me when we do business together. What do people see in you and your business?
Where are your STARS and how many SWIPES sent you and your website to electronic oblivion? Time to up your game folks – if not now, then when. There are numerous tools and services out there at your disposal – some of it even free! You have to make it a PRIORITY in your day and your business.
If you spent ½ as much time in a month growing your business electronically as you do hunting down inventory and going to auctions, well my friend you would definitely be on the BETTER path to success (lasting and financial).
So there you have it April’s nugget of wisdom to ponder upon ( & hopefully act upon).

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