Fraudulent Emails Posing as TxDMV

Have you received a suspicious email recently claiming to be from the TxDMV? You may have been the target of a “phishing” scam.

What is “phishing?”

Phishing is a cybercrime in which a target or targets are contacted by email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords. – From

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) is aware of recent reports of phishing emails being sent to our licensed community. This may be an attempt to obtain sensitive information from you.  The emails make statements about complaints regarding a licensee, threaten to revoke the entity’s license and includes a TxDMV employees name in the closing.

Please be advised that the TxDMV has not sent these email notifications to licensees.

If you receive an email of this type, please practice safe precautions and do the following:

  • DO NOT open the email if at all possible
  • Contact your IT Department
  • DO NOT open any attachment
  • DO NOT click on any web links in the email
  • Delete the email and empty your deleted items folder

If you have questions concerning this communication you may contact the TxDMV’s customer service line at 1-888-368-4689.

View an example of the Fraudulent Emails here.

New Documentary Fee

Starting June 1, 2016, the documentary fee amount, that does not require a cost analysis, was increased to $150. This is a result from recent amendments to the documentary fee rule at 7 Texas Administrative Code §84.205.  While a dealership could file for a documentary fee up to $150 starting May 25, 2016, your dealership could not charge a documentary fee up to $150 until after June 1, 2016.

The new online filing system became available in the Application Licensing Examination Compliance System (ALECS), in late June. Documentary fee filings will only be accepted through ALECS. We encourage your dealership to link your ALECS account if not done so already and you intend to submit a documentary fee filing.

A retail seller must comply with the notification requirements of Texas Finance Code, Section 348.006(e) prior to increasing its documentary fee above $50 or prior to increasing its documentary fee from any previous filings above $50 up to $150. Documentary fee filings above $150 will require supporting cost analyses to review for a determination of reasonableness. The OCCC will provide written notification when a documentary fee has been determined reasonable. The new filing system in ALECS will allow a dealer to check the status of a documentary fee filing.

How to change your Documentary Fee in ALECS:

Log into your ALECS Account

  • Choose Manage my Business On the Left side of your screen
    • in the License group
  • Doc Fee Filing (on the far right side of the screen)
  • Select your license  (Motor Vehicle Finance License)
    • Add the Amount you want (up to $150)
      • Add your Name, Email and the Start Date then click on Submit

TxDMV IT Scheduled Outage Notification

TxDMV Email Header

Notice to our Dealers:

Over the weekend of November 20, 2015, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) will be performing a technology update as part of a broader TxDMV technology enhancement effort that will help position their systems for the future while also allowing for more customer-centric enhancements. As part of this deployment, users will not be able to access the mainframe and the applications it supports (the Registration and Title System, eTAGs, webDEALER, the Internet Vehicle Title Registration Service, and so on), beginning November 20, 2015, at 11:00 p.m. CST and ending November 23, 2015, at 7:00 a.m. CST.

Dealers will need to ensure they have sufficient Internet Down tags preprinted for this time period before the outage begins. As a reminder, every dealer should maintain a minimum of 30 Internet Down tags. Please remember that after using an Internet Down tag, you must enter the information for that tag into eTAGs as soon as the system is accessible. Doing this will ensure you always have the full allocation of unused Internet Down tags available when you need them. Also remember that unused Internet Down tags are valid for one year from the date they are printed.

TxDMV- Motor Vehicle Title Manual Update

TxDMV Email Header

The latest update to the Motor Vehicle Title Manual (see link below) is now available via Registration and Title System workstations and at

Changes have been made throughout the manual due to the recent Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage, primarily to Chapters 16, 17, and 18, changing the terms husband and wife to spouse(s) in most instances.

Additionally, the following are brief summaries of the chapters updated in the September 2015 revision.

Chapter 14 -Vehicle Types
Chapter 14 was reorganized and consolidated for clarity.  The following subsections were deleted: Multi-Purpose Type Vehicles, New, and Transfers.

Subsections labeled “Converted Trucks and Buses” and “Chopped, Cutaway, or Incomplete” were deleted as they were previously moved to the Assembled Vehicle Manual.

Section 14.2, “Motorcycles,” was updated with new definitions for “Enclosed Three Wheeled Motorcycles” and for “Autocycles” as a result of legislation passed during the 84th Legislative Session.  Registration and Title Bulletin (RTB) #004-15 was distributed May 26, 2015, to provide guidance regarding autocycles.

Section 14.7, subsection “Definition,” includes a statutory update on the width and length of house trailer type vehicles and camper trailers.

Section 14.14, “Miscellaneous Vehicle Types,” is a consolidation of smaller sections of material in this chapter. Within this new section, “Implements of Husbandry” was updated to reflect legislative changes passed during the 84th Legislative Session.

Chapter 15 – Odometers
Section 15.7, “Correcting Odometer Errors,” was created, in part, from an existing section. In addition, the “Odometer Errors Caught by NMVTIS” subsection was created to provide guidance on the requirements for correcting odometer readings that are not a result of a data entry.

Chapter 23 – Foreclosure of Miscellaneous Liens
Section 23.1, “Mechanic’s Lien,” was updated to reflect legislative changes made during the 84th Legislative Session impacting the date of public sale as it relates to the copy of the foreclosure notice being filed with the county tax assessor-collector’s office. Detailed guidance was provided in RTB # 008-15.

Chapter 24 – Certified Copies
Section 24.5, “Owner Verification Procedures/Acceptable Identification,” was updated for consistency with the language used in Texas Administrative Rule and Chapter 6 of the manual. There were no substantive changes to this section.

View the Full Title Manual

TxDMV – Motor Vehicle Registration Manual Update

TxDMV Email Header


The latest update to the Motor Vehicle Registration Manual (See Link Below) is now available via Registration and Title System workstations and at


This manual update reflects changes made during the 84th Legislative Session effective on or before September 1, 2015. A new appendix includes the list of Texas Administrative Code Rules and corresponding hyperlinks for Chapter 217, Subchapter B, on motor vehicle registration.

The following are brief summaries of some of the chapters updated in the September 2015 revision:

Chapter 2 – Commercial Vehicles
Section 2.9, “Tow Trucks,” was updated to include changes from Senate Bill (SB) 1820 regarding additional vehicles excluded from the requirement to display tow truck license plates.

Chapter 6 – Exempt License Plates
Section 6.1, “General Provisions,” was updated to include changes from House Bill (HB) 1360 that allows vehicles owned by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary used in search and rescue, emergency communications, and disaster operations to apply for exempt license plates.

Chapter 7 – Farm Vehicles
Section 7.7, “Farm Vehicles,” was updated to include changes from HB 75 as outlined in Registration and Title Bulletin (RTB) #006-15. This change exempts farm trailers and semitrailers owned by farmers’ cooperatives and marketing associations from the ag/timber number requirement for the issuance and renewal of farm license plates.

Chapter 10 – General Provisions
Section 10.1, “Definitions,” was updated to include the expanded definition of an implement of husbandry defined by SB 971. The definition of a motorcycle under Transportation Code, Chapter 521, was expanded by SB 1756 and a new definition of autocycle was added by SB 449 as outlined in RTB #004-15.

Chapter 12 – Off-Highway, Log Loader, Forestry & Miscellaneous
Section 12.12, “Vehicles Subject to Registration or Eligible for Distinguishing License Plates,” was updated to include a note and an image for an impact attenuator trailer and to clarify these vehicles do not qualify for machinery license plates.

Chapter 14 – Application for Registration
Section 14.6, “Registration Year,” was updated to include the amendment to Texas Administrative Code, Rule 217.27, as outlined in RTB #005-15 and #007-15. This change requires the issuance of 24 months of initial registration when a two-year inspection is issued. This information was also updated in Chapter 22.

View the Full Motor Vehicle Registration Manual