Our Team


Tom Hampton

Lead Sales

Tom Hampton is the Owner & Head of Sales at Tom Hampton Agency (THA).

3rd Generation in the Used Car Industry. Tom founded THA in August of 2006 for the express purpose of helping other dealers grow into their full potential.

Since then, he has consulted & helped grow over 600 Independent Dealers, just like you.
T H A offers an exceptional array of Products designed with one goal in mind – Increasing your Bottom Line!
Whether GAP, GPS, or a full Inventory Management overhaul from Frazer DMS, THA is …
“Success Fuel For Your Business”



Lety Cortes

Houston Customer Relations Manager

Lety Cortes came to Tom Hampton Agency in 2013. A “green pea” as we call them in the industry – well in just 24 short months Lety has gone from the student to adept teacher (this is one heck of a story – ask her about it next time you see her.)

Lety is now our Sales Manager (for use of a familiar term) and is doing a fantastic job! This mother of 2 beautiful girls is inspirational and fiercely loyal to her family, friends and clients. Lety will go to bat for any of the above listed in a nano-second – that in itself shows what an invaluable asset she truly is. Lety is quite surprising and amazingly honest (so unless you really WANT the truth – no candy coating – then do not ask.) I am proud to have her on our team and would gladly turn any of my personal long term clients over to her care – knowing they will be taken care of as good as: if not better that I could do myself.
– Tom Hampton
Tom Hampton Agency – The “Success Fuel For Your Business”