After a long and prosperous relationship with Frazer Computing, we here at Car Guys Agency (formerly Tom Hampton Agency) announce our parting!

Frazer is a wonderful DMS and I personally think has the best Help Desk in the USA (the reason I represented them for over 12 years).

Michael Jordan is no longer with our agency; we thank him for the numerous doors and opportunities he brought us in his time with us/ We wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors!

We here at CGA are growing in new directions as we speak.

We are expanding our GPS business and will continue to bring quality product at great pricing!

We are in the process of negotiating a sponsor for my DEALER 101 class that will be held 2x monthly in Houston (yes, my friends after all these years I am listening to you and teaching full time).

This will be a FREE 90 minute class that can easily fill in the gaps for both the seasoned vet and the green-pea alike!

13 years traveling this state from one corner to the other and the privilege of consulting with over 1600 dealers had allowed me to glean a ton of information to help grow your business.

Watch our website and updated in email for future dates!

I will be at the TXDMV Dealer Training Seminars in April (IF you haven’t made your reservation for the class – DO IT NOW!).

These classes are free, give you the ground rules AND keep you abreast of the current interpretations of said rules (if there’s one thing I have learned; the rules seldom change – how they are interpreted and enforced DO change often).

We will still be assisting Dealers with License procurement as we have done for the last decade (96% + approval rate too!).

We also still have strong ties with V-12 and their fantastic array of tools that help you “get there” quick.

Well my friends that is where we are TODAY, tomorrow has yet to dawn.

Those of you that know me and have dealt with various members of our team know that we hold ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism and efficiency.

We sincerely thank you for you support in the past and are excited to help you exceed your goals in the months that are to follow.

Now one last word to you my “family of steel” – crunch time is coming; Tax Season is all but done and that “gravy’ will be drying up!

Sooooooo, what’s-your-plan?

Going to continue to “wing & prayer” – OR – are you working on your Action Plan for the next 90 days?

In the coming weeks I will be working on expanding my “open” slots in my calendar so that I may be available for MORE consultations for those of you willing to embrace this changing marketplace we call the Car Business.

Go out there and CREATE-A-GREAT-DAY!!!!

With best wishes,

Tom Hampton and crew (Barbara, Ana, Lety & Cat) at CGA (Car Guys Agency)

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