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Dealer User Guide

The purpose of this manual is to provide prospective and current motor vehicle industry licensees as well as other stakeholders with an easy-to-use overview of Texas motor vehicle dealer licensing and operating laws.

eLICENSING User Guide for Independent GDN Licenses

This User Guide describes the types of Independent GDN licenses and how to apply for
one using the eLICENSING system. Your organization (business entity or yourself)
must be registered for an eLICENSING account to get the appropriate credentials to log
in and use eLICENSING.

eLICENSING User Guide for Salvage Dealer Licenses

A person or business entity must have a Salvage Dealer or GDN license to buy, sell,
repair, or rebuild salvage motor vehicles or dismantle non-repairable motor vehicles.

eTITLE User Guide

eTITLE streamlines dealer-to-dealer reassignments and trade-in processes for vehicles with a
Texas title or Texas Electronic Lien Title (ELT). eTITLE provides licensed motor vehicle
dealers the ability to electronically create, view, and store vehicle reassignments between
county authorized webDEALER licensed motor vehicle dealers. Additionally, the system
allows a dealer to convert an electronic title (eTitle) into a paper title in the dealer’s name for
the purpose of resale.

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