Established in Europe, the phrase “Penny wise and pound foolish” means a person who is stingy with small expenditures and extravagant with large ones, most often, wastefully. I see a lot of owners scrutinizing over business processes and expenses, and act accordingly to ensure those savings grow. Then when things get toughthose savings get spent on something drastic to try and draw in businesssuch as an enormous electric sign (and an enormous electricity bill). 

The savings garnered would have been better allocated on something that both the owner and the clients can utilize daily. Something that will help in the overall growth of the company.  

With growth in mind, texting has become the standard for most businesses in 2020How has your company adapted to all the industries major changes this year? Unfortunately for many, compliance to the law and control over information, has not been a top priority. This leads to TCPA violations that can result in penalties of up to $1500 per violation, with no cap on statutory damages.  

Are you staying compliant? Check out the top 5 kinds of text messages getting companies in big trouble!  


Unsolicited Texts  

Unsolicited text messages can get you in big trouble! You must have and maintain records of prior written and explicit consent to send your customers text message marketing campaigns. This also applies to customers on your list you may have collected years ago, before these permissions were required.  


Unknown Identity  

According to TCPA, your text messages must include the identity of the entity sending the text. Regardless of how your customer signed up to receive texts, your very first text must be a carrier compliance message confirming opt-in. It needs to include:  

Your Identity, Message Frequency, How to opt-out, and the fact that message and data rates may apply.

Inappropriate Hours and Too Frequent Texts 

Marketing text messages are TCPA allowed between 8 am and 9 pm, local time of the receiver. However, not all customers prefer the extremes of either end. Get to know your customers and try to text accordingly.   

As mentioned earlier, the frequency of promotional texts they can expect to receive should be clearly expressed in your confirmation opt-in text. Sending your customer too many can cost your business.  


Undisclosed Information 

First and foremost, you need an up-to-date privacy policy in place. It needs to include program detailscustomer usage functionality (like how to opt-out) and is accessible from the initial call-to-action (The program the customer signed up to receive marketing campaigns from) confirmation text. When you are asking your customer to sign up, be explicitly clear about what kind of texts you will be sending them. There should be easy access to your terms and conditions and customer care contact information. 


Disrespectful Phonetics  

This one is obvious, but worth mentioning. Speak to all your customers thoughtfully and carefully. Avoid using slang, overusing emojis, and make sure to double check your speech-to-text and spelling before sending a message.  


The average text is read within 90 SECONDS of being sent. Let your business outshine any billboard advertising with personalized (and compliant) marketing contentThe knowledge and advantages that compliance is completely taken care of also frees your time to nurture areas of potential commerce. Put your business in overdrive and get on the road to success today!

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Create a Great Day 
Tom Hampton 

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