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Tom Hampton



Tom Hampton Agency has helped grow

over 600 Businesses. From Staff Training

to Business Coaching, we have the

experience to help you achieve your goals.




 A Word From Tom –

My entire career, other Dealers have turned to me for advice and information.

In the past 6 years, since the inception of THA; I have “mentored” and or helped over 600 Dealers!

It has been in all areas of their business from proper paperwork, PC issues, wholesalers, good auctions, warranty programs, finance programs, GAP, GPS, OCCC, help reducing fines and the list goes on!

Nine out of ten times when my phone rings it is not a Dealer asking about a product or service it sounds more like “Mr. Tom, I have a situation . . .” and we go from there.

It really doesn’t matter if you have been in the business for 30 years or 30 days; there are ways to improve your business and I am here to help.

My prices are quoted on a “per instance” situation and my Goal is to be affordable to every Dealer.

Mentoring may also be in the form of daily/weekly/monthly “check-up” calls. Sometimes having someone hold you accountable is all it takes to get you up and headed in a positive direction again.

Some times it is teaching you a skill or training your salespeople in the art of sucking every dime out of Joe Public’s wallet for the down.

I have taught a lot of Dealers the art of negotiating, the art of closing, the art of advertising – and these really are arts (honed skills).

Thus this agency and this web page are designed with one goal in mind – making you money.

I look forward to working with you and your staff.

Remember – a GREAT Dealership starts with a good Dealer.


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