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Finishing 2019

I am a huge proponent of “Self Investment” when it come to business and life in general.

I am constantly listening to recordings in my car (translate – office) in between clients. They cover a variety of subjects and the speakers are always varied. … Read the rest

Fraudulent Emails Posing as TxDMV

Have you received a suspicious email recently claiming to be from the TxDMV? You may have been the target of a “phishing” scam.

What is “phishing?”

Phishing is a cybercrime in which a target or targets are contacted by email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords.

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To Bee or not to Bee!

Ladies and gentlemen let us consider the humble BUMBLE BEE.

Scientifically it “can not fly”!

Mathematically it “can not fly”!

And yet it FLYS!

Too many and I mean WAY too many times I will walk into a Dealership and be talking to “the powers that be” and invariably we get on the topic of growth (usually Lack there of).… Read the rest

An August to Remember

Well my friends here we are after what has been a relatively slow summer.

Now what?

How do you drive MORE eyeballs to your Ads?


12 years of working with Dealers all across this state has taught this old car dog – a few new tricks.Read the rest

Riding Out the Holiday Season

Christmas is a unique time of year in the automotive industry, sales are historically very slow in most markets of the U.S., and Texas in particular.

Most of you know that I travel extensively across Texas, and so far I have found sales to be slow with ONE exception – CASH.Read the rest

Cyber Monday Sale

2017 is right around the corner…

Are you Setup to Succeed in the New Year? If you have any doubts, or just want a refresher, take advantage of our Cyber Monday Sale! Book a Consultation today for a date in January and Save 25%!*

Get Setup for the Following:

  • Sales Training
  • Ins & Outs of Financing
  • Leaving $$ on the Table: How you’re missing 100’s of Dollars each deal
  • What makes a good Vendor
  • Covering (& Re-covering) Your Assets
  • & More!
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Thanksgiving 2016: Time to Reflect

Here we are in November 2016, two months into the 4th Quarter. The time of year that is historically slow in our industry is the perfect time, my friends, to BE thankful. Thankful for the opportunity to Reflect & Change.

During this slow season we encourage you to capitalize on the ONE thing missing the rest of the year – TIME.… Read the rest

New Documentary Fee

Starting June 1, 2016, the documentary fee amount, that does not require a cost analysis, was increased to $150. This is a result from recent amendments to the documentary fee rule at 7 Texas Administrative Code §84.205.  While a dealership could file for a documentary fee up to $150 starting May 25, 2016, your dealership could not charge a documentary fee up to $150 until after June 1, 2016.… Read the rest

Selly Automotive

Selly Automotive_logo banner


The newest tool in CRM and Internet Lead Management, Selly Automotive. Selly Automotive is a highly advanced Sales app, with a built from the ground up platform that allows dealers to manage internet leads and customer follow-ups. Selly integrates with many of the products already on the market as well as several DMS systems.Read the rest