An August to Remember

Well my friends here we are after what has been a relatively slow summer.

Now what?

How do you drive MORE eyeballs to your Ads?


12 years of working with Dealers all across this state has taught this old car dog – a few new tricks.

I have one Dealer driving 6 more sales a week using a GPS SECURITY PKG* – free to every parent that purchases a “back-to-school” vehicle from them.

Really smart and a definite “win-win”.

Jr or Missy gets their school vehicle – mom & dad quit becoming taxi drivers AND they can “spy” on the kids whereabouts for an entire year – for FREE !

(OK it’s a “win-win-closed sale”).

Yet another Dealer is using the free GPS SECURITY PKG* in his BHPH operation – this one is an INSANE stroke of genius!

Every vehicle purchased receives a free GPS SECURITY PKG* as his way of saying “Thank You & you-owe-me-2-referrals”.

Now here is where the MAGIC starts – when the client signs off on the GPS disclosure – it is explained that Texas civil law requires the owner to acknowledge a GPS has been installed.


Since doing this she has tracked a RADICAL decrease in GPS units being taken out of “Note Units” AND his referrals are through the roof!

(amazingly she is underwriting a “better clientele” in those referrals).

This “Program” is bringing 8-10 more Notes in every month for her !

This is why we at Tom Hampton Agency carry a VARIETY of Product lines and Services (TOOLS – to build your business with)!

All these products and services we offer are designed with one goal in mind when I as the owner; look at them – “Is it easy to use and does it make my Dealers more successful ($)”.

You guys are the GENIUS’ doing the grass-roots marketing and knocking it out of the park!!!

SO with no further adieu I will explain – ****** free GPS SECURITY PKG*.

How it works is very simple – I carry a GPS line that allows me to “pull” that GPS unit out of “Your inventory” and create a separate stand alone account for the “End Customer”.

That protects you on two fronts – 1st you have no access to their free GPS SECURITY PKG* (HIPA – Privacy Act) and 2nd you have satisfied Texas Civil Law Statutes (they signed the GPS agreement).

The GPS units both Dealers are using are the $69 – 1year 4GLTE units.

Cheaper than a 90 day POWERTRAIN Warranty (which the customers never seem to remember it’s 90 days only – IF they remember at all).

For the 1st three months the End Customer appears to be showing off his/her new toy – “See where my car is – right here on my smart phone” to anyone that will look (every time they do the selling Dealer is yet remembered again).

So as I and a few other dealers see it …

$69 INVESTED into every deal has been paying off – ROI (Return-On-Investment) as much as TEN fold or more!



If you want to keep selling (or attempting to sell) exactly the SAME way as all your competition – know that every MONTH your profit margins will continue to dwindle!

Your Ads look JUST like every one else – so it becomes a price war (only the Customer wins -Nahhhhhh)!

Now that your Ads have real VALUE – people stop/look & buy (don’t believe me – C**MAX is King at that).

Change your future – make August/September BANNER months.

We can help, we specialize in:

  • free GPS SECURITY PKG* Programs
  • Warranty Programs (have one that the Dealer never has to sell -it pays $200 a copy)
  • License: GDN /OCCC/ Lenders/ Salvage / Lease
  • Consulting: Sales training / Strategic growth sessions / pre-OCCC audits

Just to name a few!

The idea here – we can help and you will make more (when our client succeeds – we succeed).


Tom Hampton